Mapping Change

Mapping Change in the North is an interactive mapping project that welcomes participation, especially by people living in circumpolar Arctic, Northern, and Coastal regions where the lived impacts of climate change are most acutely felt. Mapping Change aims to inspire public engagement and strengthen the link between culture and action by providing a space to share the impacts and action being taken at specific locations around the globe. It poses the questions: How is climate change impacting you, the place where you live, and those around you? What is missing from the past? What could the future hold?

To contribute to the map,

  1. Identify a location in the ‘Add your own marker’ section below.
  2. Upload your contribution (a wide range of media formats are accepted*).
  3. Add a description to your contribution.

Once you have submitted your marker and description, they will appear on the map along with contributions by other participants.

*For video and audio formats, please submit your file to

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Participants are invited to add a marker of a familiar place, to reflect upon local climate change impacts, and to share their visions for the future. Feel free to upload photography, drawings, videos, paintings, audio recordings, stories, performances, writing, or other creative expressions by uploading them to the interactive map.

Mapping Change in the North works to share ‘place points’ in order to connect individual knowledges and experiences across geographies. In highlighting local conditions of climate change, this project aims to promote awareness of the commonalities and contingencies of climate change across circumpolar Arctic, Northern, and Coastal regions.


Voluntary Participation: By adding your marker and uploading your contribution, you are agreeing to participate in this project. Your participation is completely voluntary. You can withdraw your participation at any time and for any reason. Please note that your personal information (name, email address, phone number) will not be publicly displayed on this website but may be used by the researchers for possible communication with contributors.  If you prefer to have your personal information appear on the website, please add it in the “Marker Description” section.

Publication, Exhibition and Presentation: By uploading your contributions, you agree that they may be presented to the public in exhibitions, publications or conferences, where you may be identified by name or by your uploaded contribution. Whenever possible, contributors will be contacted, in the event their work is included in exhibitions or publications at a later time.

This Mapping Change project is expected to run until the end of 2024. Uploaded contributions will be securely stored at Emily Carr University for five years following the conclusion of this project after which time they will be destroyed. We are required to inform you that this website is hosted outside of Canada.

Contact Information: If you have any concerns about this project, please contact Ruth Beer, Faculty of Art, Emily Carr University of Art and Design  at