Shifting Ground Mapping is an interactive project investigating the impacts of climate change on northern communities and the mediation of these impacts through art, music, storytelling, and performance. While aiming to create a network of experiences, it prompts a crucial and reflective question: How is climate change impacting you, the place where you live, and those around you? In contemplating this question, you could also ask yourself what is concerning you, and what you would like to have change?

Throughout its mandate Shifting Ground: Mapping Energy, Community and Geography in the North, invites northern audiences to engage in collaborative conversations to find commonalities and differences while learning from each other’s participation. In favorizing interconnectivity, this mapping project will serve as a way of connecting individual experiences of climate change in northern communities.

In order to contribute to the map, identify your location or the location where the artwork is made and what it concerns, in the section “Add your own marker” below the map. Your marker can be paired with a photograph, video, audio recording, drawing, painting, sculpture, writing, illustration or other creative expressions of the effects of climate change on landscape, waterways, built environments, or the community in which you live. Once you have submitted your marker it will appear on the map amongst other’s contributions. You can also navigate the map at any time and find out about a horizon of shared experiences.

Please note that any personal information (name, email address, phone number) won’t be displayed on the map. For more information on consent please see the section at the bottom of this page.

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Voluntary Participation: Your participation in this project is completely voluntary. You are free to withdraw your participation from this project at any time and for any reason, without penalty.

 Publication, Exhibition and Presentation: The artworks and mappings produced in relation to this project may be presented to the public in exhibitions, gallery catalogues, in publications, and at conferences.

In participating in this project, you agree to being identified by name or by recognizable image or story in publications and presentations resulting from this research. You also agree to the use of identifiable materials produced during the research, including photos, recordings, workshop creative outcomes and artistic productions, including those produced by me as part of this project for use in publications, presentations and exhibitions in museums, galleries, and cultural centres.

For more information you can find our consent form here.